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Joyce Murray, MP


MP Joyce Murray wants the truth about Sgt. Doiron’s death

Posted on May 4, 2015 | No Comments

Ms. Joyce Murray (Vancouver Quadra, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, Sargent Doiron lost his life due to friendly fire in northern Iraq almost two months ago. It was only through media leaks that we learned that three investigations are now completed as well as a few details about what happened that terrible night.

A lack of transparency is the Conservative government’s hallmark, but disclosing through selected leaks and not directly to Parliament and Canadians is very disrespectful of Sargent Doiron and his family.

Will the minister commit to release these reports and appear before the defence committee to discuss them?

Mr. James Bezan (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defence, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, the Canadian Armed Forces chose to conduct a summary investigation into Sargent Doiron’s death. It is thorough, but it is much less time consuming and will allow the Canadian Armed Forces to make any required changes much faster than through a normal board of inquiry would follow.

On top of these two investigations, the United States, as coalition leader in Operation IMPACT, is also doing an independent investigation that will inform our investigations, and we will release those publicly very shortly.

Trudeau presents plan to deliver fairness for middle class

Posted on May 4, 2015 | No Comments

May 4, 2015
OTTAWA – The Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, today presented a plan to stand up for the middle class and those working hard to join it.

“Over the past two years I have met thousands of Canadians across the country. What I have heard is clear: under Stephen Harper, middle class Canadians have had to work harder just to make ends meet,” said Mr. Trudeau. “We have a plan for fairness. A Liberal government will give a tax cut to the middle class and provide middle class families with more money to raise their kids.”

The Liberal plan will make the tax system fairer and cut the middle class tax rate by seven percent. A Liberal government will also provide one bigger, fair, tax-free, monthly cheque for middle class and low-income families. Mr. Harper’s unfair system gives money to those who need it least. Liberals believe in a country that works for everyone. We will ask the wealthiest Canadians – those in the top one percent of incomes – to pay a little more so the middle class can pay less.

“When the middle class is strong, growing, and successful, so is Canada. Liberals will deliver tax cuts for the middle class in addition to one simple, monthly benefit for the families that need it most,” said Mr. Trudeau. “Liberals will continue presenting solutions to grow the economy. The plan we announced today will put more money in the pockets of the middle class and those working hard to join it.”


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Bill C-51: An Open Letter to Vancouver Quadra from MP Joyce Murray

Posted on May 1, 2015 | No Comments

Dear Members of the Vancouver Quadra Community,

Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion on Bill C-51, the Government’s Anti-Terrorism Act. The Liberal Party of Canada has been in government and therefore understands both the real need to update security laws as the nature of threats change, and the importance of protecting Canadians’ rights and privacy. We understand Canadians’ concerns about this bill. When a government asks its citizens to give up even a small part of their liberty, it must legislate transparency and accountability safeguards so these powers are not abused.

The Prime Minister designed this Bill to help split the centre-left vote, and deliver more Conservative seats in the next federal election. His pattern of promoting divisive public policy for partisan purposes is one more reason I hope that Canadians will vote for a better government this fall.

We Liberals tried to make this bill better, proposing amendments that balance security and civil liberties based on conversations with the experts, and Canadians like you. And that is how a Liberal government responded to heightened international security concerns following 9/11.

Following the C-51 committee process, I am pleased to note the Government approved the following amendments that address issues raised by members of the public like you, and by the Liberal Party of Canada:
• Remove the word “lawful” prior to “advocacy”/ “protest”, so that legitimate forms of demonstration are not captured under this legislation;
• Narrow the scope of information sharing from “with any person for any purpose”‎ to 17 government departments and agencies, therefore restricting the possibility for abuse; and
• Limit and clarify the Minister’s intervention powers over Canadian airlines.
Further due to public pressure, the government clarified in law that CSIS is not a police agency and has no power of arrest.

These were necessary and welcome changes, but not enough; additional changes are needed to protect your rights and privacy. Canada is the only nation of its kind without national security oversight being carried out by parliamentarians. Canada’s response to terrorism must also include a robust plan for preventing radicalization before it takes root. Since the Harper Government has not adequately legislated transparency and accountability measures into this bill, we are committed to presenting these proposals as platform promises in the upcoming federal election.

Liberal MPs are voting in favour of Bill C-51 because it contains significant measures that will keep Canadians safer. We welcome the measures that (1) lower the threshold for preventative arrests, (2) expand the no-fly list, and (3) allow for greater and more coordinated information sharing between government departments and agencies involved in security matters. These are similar to measures that are standard internationally. Experts, including witnesses from the House of Commons Public Safety Committee, agree that these measures improve Canadians’ collective security, and without collective security the individual freedoms we cherish as Canadians are diminished.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your opinion. It is through dialogue with Canadians like you that we can strive to ensure that the policies we support and create are representative of the values and needs of Canadians.


Joyce Murray
Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra

Government ducks responsibility for sexual harassment in the military

Posted on May 1, 2015 | No Comments

OTTAWA – The report on sexual misconduct and sexual harassment in the Canadian Armed Forces released yesterday by retired Supreme Court Justice Marie Deschamps is a […]

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MP Joyce Murray asks about families of military members abroad affected by bill C-50

Posted on May 1, 2015 | No Comments

Ms. Joyce Murray (Vancouver Quadra, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, my question concerns members of the Canadian Armed Forces abroad. I understand that a provision in Bill C-50 […]

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MP Joyce Murray demands support for victims of sexual harassment in the military

Posted on May 1, 2015 | No Comments

Ms. Joyce Murray (Vancouver Quadra, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, the Deschamps report on sexual harassment in the military outlines a culture of sexualization and abuse, particularly against […]

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MP Joyce Murray speaks in the House of Commons about protecting children from physical punishment

Posted on May 1, 2015 | No Comments

Ms. Joyce Murray (Vancouver Quadra, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I rise in the house today to draw attention to a serious issue that has affected the lives […]

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MP Joyce Murray discusses the report on Sexual Harassment in the Military on Power & Politics

Posted on May 1, 2015 | No Comments

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MP Joyce Murray demands answers on Sexual Harassment in the Military

Posted on April 30, 2015 | No Comments

Ms. Joyce Murray (Vancouver Quadra, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, the Deschamps report on sexual misconduct paints a picture of wilful incompetence and complete disregard for our Armed […]

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Liberals pledge greater support for Canada’s public safety officers

Posted on April 29, 2015 | No Comments

(Vancouver, BC) Quadra MP Joyce Murray is pleased to announce the new Liberal Party platform commitment to creating a much-needed compensation benefit of $300,000 to support […]

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